Mess or Masterpiece?

So I turned away for just a second…

That’s all it takes. He was using a pot of glue. The kind with a stick inside the lid you can spread it on whatever you are gluing. In his case he was gluing cut out paper shapes his grandma had given him in an envelope.

I turned around and saw….


I took a deep breathe…and let it out. I shrugged to myself and handed him a BIG tub of glitter. He already made a mess. Why not have fun with it? I’ll have to clean it up either way.




The final result?



4 thoughts on “Mess or Masterpiece?

    1. I had to clean anyway. Sweep and mop. I have a dust buster. Normally, I would have been upset but it was my fault for leaving him alone with the glue. I am trying hard to just enjoy the time he is little. Pick my battles. Plus he was proud of it. Kind of hard to be mad when he so proud of himself. Lol.


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