My Epiphany

I had another blog for less than a month. It just never really fit my vision. My posts were all over the map. Everything was sort of blurry. As I was trying to redo my blog I discovered something shocking and the name just popped into place. I immediately ran over to GoDaddy and bought the domain for The Delight Driven Life.

Why? It’s very nice but what does it mean?

I discovered I was actually an unschooler! “Delight driven” is another way to say “unschooling”. It exemplifies the concept perfectly and also my life. I strive for a stress-free, fun, flowing life.

I decided very early on to homeschool my son. Before he was a few months old. I had this picture in my head of how it was going to go. I thought it was just a natural extension of the way moms teach their babies. I planned a whole curriculum to start preschool. I bought thousands of art supplies and a few workbooks. I even bought a preschool microscope from Amazon. I put lots of other workbooks in my cart. I had a whole mind map filled with plans. Monday we would do reading, Tuesday we would do Math. Etc.

I have felt so guilty because we have only opened the workbook twice, and not once have we sat down and had a “class”.

Instead we have been outside playing in the yard, going for walks, playing with the dog, building with Legos and blocks, drawing, painting, gluing. We read books, sing songs. I even got him his own tablet. (Gasp.) We spend a lot of time running errands.

If he asks questions we talk about it. We sometimes Google images and watch YouTube videos of things he wants to know more about.

As it turns out, I am not lazy…ok, well maybe I am, but not when it comes to his education. It turns out I have been “unschooling” my son. (Read more about it HERE)

The amazing thing is that he is learning.

When you look at our days through the eyes of an unschooler you can see a difference. Take one activity from above; playing in the yard. He is learning about bugs and nature and life cycles by playing in the yard. Grass, plants, gardening, how everything is connected. He runs, tumbles, jumps and rolls down the hill getting physical education. He rides his bike building motor skills and confidence. I give him chalk, a play kitchen, and big box of mud to run his cars in.

He learns through play. I provide opportunities to learn and guide him. I ask questions and let him come up with the answers. Sometimes we look stuff up. I am always there for him when he wants to learn.

One day he told me, “Everything I need is in your brain.”

We are so much happier. No more pressure. No more feeling like a failure for not having a formal education.

We are “delight driven”.


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