The Family Breakfast


Every Saturday my son and I try to have a family breakfast. He is still little and it’s just me and him but I try to make it special. I want it to become tradition as he grows.

We usually just do quick breakfasts on the other days but on Saturdays we make things that take longer to make and eat such as omelets or waffles. Sometimes I make Eggs Benedict. My favorite. We are making it this Saturday.

It is part of creating a family culture. (More on that soon.) I don’t use my cell during this special family time. He gets to help me create food too so it is truly special bonding time. We use fancy napkins sometimes too. Anything I can to make it special.

As he gets older we will keep doing this and it will be our time to connect and share about our lives. I sort of feel like it is a bank account and every time we have a family breakfast I am investing in the ones we will have when he’s older. I will use this time to teach him to cook too so maybe someday he will make me omelets.

Do you have any family traditions like this?



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